February 10th 2023


As we reflect on the past year, we are proud to say that 2022 was an incredibly intensive and successful year for our game development studio. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, we were able to release four high-quality games that entertained millions of players around the world.

Each of these games, be it Shadow Warrior 3, Space Punks, Trek to Yomi, or our most recent one, Evil West was the result of hard work and dedication from our talented team of developers, artists, and designers. We are proud of what we have accomplished and are grateful for the support of our fans.

But it wasn’t only about the games, but also about us, the team! We pulled off so many borderline Herculean feats!

We’re talking about delivering 4 GAMES: Shadow Warrior 3, Space Punks, Trek to Yomi, and Evil West!

We’re talking about events, like Digital Dragons, Pixel, and Gamescom

We’re talking after-work get-togethers, team-building activities, or gallivanting around town with our hands in the air like we just don’t care!

We’re talking Press Days like the EPIC one we did for Evil West in our Warsaw office!

We’re talking about our office tours, internal Studio Update shenanigans, The HOG B-day Gala, and HOGscars!

Last but definitely not LEAST! We’re talking about all the parties we had as a team, be it post-launch celebratory parties, spontaneous Friday go-nuts nights, or the MASSIVE ONE – the Holiday Party!

We could drone on and on about how last year was but we believe that images speak louder than words! Lo and behold, THE BEST OF 2022!


We just wanted to add, that none of what you saw or read above wouldn’t have been possible without you guys, the fans, the community, and the people that DM telling us how much they appreciate our work! You guys rock! We never dreamed we would have such awesome people rooting for us!