October 4th 2022



Welcome to Space Punks, the Pointy One. Discover new communication opportunities and easier navigation with Maxi map!

Obviously, that’s not all! We’ve Anti-Griefer solutions, Easy-to-Access & Bug-Free Skills/Talents, a toggleable full-screen map UI, any many more! Feel like reading all the patch notes? We’ll be our guest and just keep scrolling!

Features & Improvements:

Anti-Griefer Solutions

  • After a minute of inactivity (AFK) a warning with a 15-second timer is displayed. If players remain inactive for that period, they are transitioned back to Devil’s Gambit.
  • Added a time limit to the hacking minigames to enhance gameplay and to prevent griefer’s blocking progression.

Easy-to-Access & Bug-Free Skills/Talents

  • Added skill, synergy, and team aura preview manuals during character selection.
  • Added video manuals that show how to use skills, synergies, and team auras in the character progress view.
  • Improved the character progress bar.
  • Added animation for unlocking enhancements slots.

Full-Screen Map

  • A toggleable full-screen map UI has been added to improve mission navigation.  Additionally, both the full-screen map and the minimap now display chests, players, and mission objectives.

Improved Mission Start UI

  • To ensure mission loading is not accidentally canceled players must hold the button to successfully cancel a mission. 

Improved Navigation System in Devil’s Gambit

  • A “Help” button is available in Devil’s Gambit. If needed, players can use the “Help” button to navigate to the next available event.

Quick Communication System

  • Four quick communication messages were added to the 4 lower slots in the emotes wheel, which is now called the “Communication Wheel”. Players can use these emotes to communicate with each other during missions. The selected message appears in the read-only text chat and plays a voice-over sound effect.
  • Communication options:
    • “Follow Me” (marks the player with an icon)
    • “Wait”
    • “Help me!” (marks the player with an icon)
    • “OK”


  • Added new sound effects
  • Fixed several level art issues.


  • Crack resources now drop from enemies.
  • Removed chests

Game Optimisations

  • Reworked the shooting system for the following weapons:
    • Raffler
    • Breacher
    • Thresher
    • Oldboy
    • The Twins
  • Optimized the mission loading and matchmaking time so players quickly progress from relay to gameplay. 


  • Quick consecutive melee attacks now play the correct animation on the client and will no longer cause the character to be teleported from the correct position.
  • Enemies playing hit reaction animations will no longer deal damage from their melee attacks that started right before the hit reaction.  This should reduce the risk of unexpected damage in close combat with melee weapons.


Bug fixes:


Hoardspace is a dangerous place, we know. But don’t worry, we’re here for you.*


  • Airflow mission is now available.
  • Improved game stability when using Twins with Ricochet mode.
  • The mouse cursor is present in menus after using input from a keyboard or mouse when playing on a controller.
  • Legendary Punch Card upgrades now show the correct amount of time.
  • All items have appropriate improvement costs.
  • After gaining enough resources through scrapping in the crafting menu, Punch Cards are upgradeable.
  • Exclamation marks disappear after reading each in-game mail.
  • Fixed an issue where the PS5 controller could be unresponsive.
  • Fixed text formatting issues on Fame Road.
  • Fixed alignment issues of mission icons on the Star Map.
  • Fixed an issue where adjusting the Windows clock could adjust in-game timers.


  • Additional Enemy modifiers are present on missions.
  • Fixed several SFX and VFX issues.
  • Fixed several animation issues.
  • Fixed an issue where the flame valve would remain on the ground after being destroyed on the SpOil Extraction mission.
  • Fixed an issue where the attack indicator would be shown after Boomer’s death.
  • Fixed an issue where canceling Hog Hug with sprint could break the player’s ability to use the skill.
  • Bob’s turret always deals damage to targets in a line of sight.
  • Fixed an issue where the ammo bar sometimes shows the incorrect amount of ammo.   
  • The Conductor now has a critical attack indication related to its critical multiplier statistic.
  • Fixed an issue where transporters could be blocked by a single player.
  • Fixed multiple issues with Finn’s dash.
  • Sp0il is now included in the reward pool for completing contracts.
  • Beast Mode now requires 4 players.
  • Fixed issues with reward chests related to sound, visual, and reward level based on mission/objective.

Devil’s Gambit:

  • Fixed issues related to item stats.
  • Fixed multiple visual and delay issues with the mini-map. 
  • Opening the Shooting Stars tab shows the mission description automatically.
  • Added a smooth transition between the first and second dash in the preview.
  • The amount of the owned Sporilium is displayed at the application vendors. 
  • Fixed multiple issues where icons, missions, and resource values may be overlapping on the Star Map, inventory, and other menus.
  • Fixed various interface and formatting issues on Contracts.
  • Resource icons are now consistent.
  • The fame requirement icon is present in the Bannik pop-up.
  • The tooltip is now displayed when mousing over a new trinket.
  • Fixed an issue where there would be no information on the progress bar while scrapping an item.


  • Fixed several collision and environment art issues. 
  • Players should now spawn facing the appropriate direction on the Safe Teleportation mission.
  • Fixed an issue where laser sights on ranged weapons would disappear when hitting an obstacle. 
  • Players can no longer kill enemies through gates with the Railgun.
  • Updated descriptions and objectives for improved clarity on multiple missions. 
  • Knockback is displayed correctly while hacking a console.  
  • Infection Core can only be damaged by a laser in the Moving Target mission.
  • Force field appropriately knocks back the player on Restart Mining Facility.
  • Cascading explosions of the Pacifier projectiles have an AoE indicator.
  • The laser deals damage to Bob’s turret in the Moving Target mission.


  • The button “Make a player leader” works as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where the matchmaking widget would be visible after going back to Devil’s Gambit.
  • Players now receive the correct message when trying to join a party that no longer exists.
  • Fixed an issue where the “History” tab in Browse Players would not show all relevant players.  
  • Party leaders now receive the correct message and pop-up when accessing the Crack.  


That’s all, happy Space Punking!