Space Punks The Crafty One update

September 28th 2021

Guys! It’s out! The second Early Access update: The Crafty One for sci-fi looter shooter
Space Punks is out for grabs!

The update brings new crafting options, weapon upgrade systems, and visual touch-ups for upgrade animations and talents

Space Punks received its second major update…TODAY! Building on last month’s The Talented One update and player feedback, the patch overhauled Space Punks’ crafting and weapon specialization options, providing players with yet more ways to customize their playstyle.

Besides bringing along a raft of bug fixes, gameplay tweaks, and quality of life improvements, The Crafty One update focuses on the most central pillar of the looter-shooter: guns (and weapons in general). Players can look forward to a complete revamp of the crafting system, with new crafting materials to help boost their weapons stats and abilities. It also introduces batteries and software into the mix. Batteries to unlock additional software slots in your weapons, and software upgrades themselves to help boost your stats even further.

The update also introduces blueprints. These collectible weapon schematics are unlocked by spending resources collected from jobs or from specific quests. Players will be able to upgrade their blueprints as they progress through the game, in case there is that one weapon fitting their character and playstyle to which they just keep coming back. For those that do want to switch it up – the update adds the ability to scrap any weapon for parts, with bigger payback for anything into which they have invested resources.

The Crafty One also adds a bit of style to the substance, with a 3D weapon preview, and an upgrade animation that changes depending on how many upgrades have gone into a weapon of choice. There are also special effects added to certain talents, and some will receive duration and cooldown timers, making it easier to see the info relevant to the triggered talents. Last but not least, there are tweaks to The Devil’s Gambit hub-zone, like new lighting, props, and even a few much-needed vending machines.

Head of Flying Wild Hog’s Cracow Studio and Space Punks Game Director, Michael Kuk said:

“This update is the first step to bringing significant depth to Space Punks’ with the new crafting and weapon upgrade systems – providing players with enormously expanded ways to customize their character’s equipment and playstyle as they progress through the challenges the galaxy has to offer. We are extremely happy with the response we’ve had to Space Punks so far from the Early Access community, and players’ ongoing feedback has been instrumental in informing how we build the game. We have a lot more we are looking forward to adding in the coming months of Early Access and Open Beta to make Space Punks the best possible living game it can be…

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