It’s been 5 years…

October 13th 2021

A celebration of epic proportions is happening right now as Shadow Warrior 2 turns 5 years old.

The great Uncle Hog makes his latest speech in front of a packed room of celebrities and more

Gather around everyone, gather around! Lo Wang, do you have your glass ready to toast? Very good. Zilla, looking sharp and distinguished as always. Immaculate bow tie may I say. Gozu, glad to see the appetite is on your side and glad you could make it from the Shadow Realm! And of course, happy to see you, our lovely reader join us today in what is more than a birthday celebration. It’s a celebration of life! Today marks the five-year anniversary of Shadow Warrior 2’s release date! So everyone, grab your glasses and raise them up! Mezu – hit the lights. It’s time to play our Shadow Warrior 2 trailer!

Wow, what a blast from the past that was huh!? Did anyone notice the selfie stick?! Yeah, whatever happened to them? Are they still a thing? Anyway, I digress. Honestly, all of you here, you haven’t aged a bit. You are all still looking fab, maybe even better than before. And of course, our thoughts go out to all the slain demons while making this trailer. Their work has not been forgotten. As my momma used to say, you can’t have a good guy without having a bad one. They are our Ying to our Yang. We salute you.

So finally, as we look back on Shadow Warrior 2 with a tear on our face and a smile in our eye, we can now look forward to Shadow Warrior 3. Lo Wang, Zilla – I am sooo happy that you two finally got along and will save our world together! You look adorable as a pair. What was that Lo Wang? Zilla is an asshole? Hahahaha! I love it already!

And before I leave, what sort of a party would this be without a gift!! Everyone, if you look closely at our Facebook and Twitter profiles, we have some Shadow Warrior 2 Steam keys to give away! Enjoy, drink up, and let’s slay some demons! With respect of course. Ahhh, who am I kidding – someone hand me my katanaaaaaaaaa!