300 Hogs

May 14th 2021

Ladies and Gentlemen, Flying Wild Hog is now 300+ people strong!

Our gang of Hogs has hit a new milestone. And Uncle Hog is getting emotional.

Dear people of the internet. You know me – I don’t get emotional. I’m cold as stone, and hard as a rock. And yes, I am well aware that those two are the same thing. Pretty much, what I’m saying is that emotions have no place inside this handsome chiseled jaw and ripped-tight body. But no matter how hard I try, writing this still seems crazy. In 2009 we started our little action-gaming workshop (aka video games studio) with a few dozen PCs and tons of ideas and dreams. Back then, there was a grand total of 8 people making this crazy idea a reality. So when I look back at those days with the biggest smile my face can make, I am absolutely blown away inside my head that Flying Wild Hog is now 300+ people strong!

Cue mind blown gif:

This is an amazing achievement, no matter how you look at it. It means that we, Flying Wild Hog, are doing something right and that there are people out there all over this world who love playing our games. And, that is the biggest “mind-blown”, humbling thought and complement of them all.

I also want to make a promise. That no matter where our future will take us, our roots will never be forgotten. No matter how big our gang will grow, we will never forget why we’re here. The day we do, we lose ourselves, our Hogness. We will never forget our ethos. No matter where, no matter what, we will make the best damn action-packed experimental games we humanly can! That will never change.

Until next time,

Your Flying Wild Hog insider

P.S. I really tried resisting doing a 300 “This is Sparta!!!!!” joke. See, it can be done people. It can be done.