The Hogscar

April 2nd 2021

How to catch the biggest HOG of all – The Hogscar story

Big achievements deserve big awards. Here is the biggest Hog of them all. The Hogscar.

The World Cup. Stanley Cup. The Emmy. The Grammy. What do they all have in common? If you said that they are a massively important cup or trophy that commemorates a person’s amazing feat in their respective field, then yes, you are indeed correct. We’ve all heard of them. Some of us perhaps dreamt of having one ourselves. I did, and there’s no shame in that. There is one big trophy that some might even say is bigger than all the ones we’ve mentioned at the start – combined! What trophy is that? Well, it’s the tremendous and magnificent trophy called The Hogscar!

To gain one of these prestigious bronze bad boys, you have to be at the highest pinnacle of professional proficiency. You will receive The Hogscar on the day of your 10-year anniversary at Flying Wild Hog. The statue itself, well, it’s massive. It’s made from real bronze in a real foundry with fire and liquid metal flowing like mud baths in a day spa (yes, I like to be pampered once in a while). And the design of the statute itself took our artists one heck of a long time. This Hog had to be perfect.

For us, our employees do mean a lot. Without them, there wouldn’t be us. And every time we hand out one of these trophies, it does make us feel rather proud, privileged, and just really happy. To have someone by your side for 10 years, well, that’s pretty rare these days. They become really embedded in who you are and not having them around, well, it would just feel really sad and weird. We’ve handed out 13 of these trophies this year. And we hope that there will be more coming too!

Thanks so much for joining, and as a tip, do play around with the statue. Come on, peek around. It’ll be worthwhile.

P.S. If you want The Hogscar standing in your living room, join us. We are looking for talented people in many areas and fields. All great adventures begin with that first step, and in your case, it will be a click.

Take a look right here.