February 8th 2022

Space Punks’ newest update, The Core One is out for grabs!
New missions, greater challenge, and a sh*t ton of more loot!

Space Punks, by Flying Wild Hog’s team in Cracow,  just got bigger and better with today’s release of the fourth update: The Core One.

This update will commence the core game loop overhaul by delivering a greatly enhanced player experience based on feedback that was provided by the community.
Brand new story missions on the planet Stopan have been added to squeeze out mayhem to the max. Planets and game modes can also now be unlocked via the Power Level and Hero Level, while those seeking a more demanding challenge can take advantage of the redesigned difficulty options. By the way, did we mention that Timed Events are now permanently set to Hardcore difficulty? You’ll get extra loot, but be prepared to take some heavy damage.

On top of that, character skills descriptions have been updated, all crafting elements and talent items can now be scrapped and the workbench has been improved to allow for smoother upgrading. The Devil’s Gambit maintenance crew (the development team) will now also be dropping a Message of the Day to all players with vital news, as well as personalized info via in-game mail.  

Head of Flying Wild Hog’s Cracow Studio and Space Punks Game Director, Michał‚ Kuk said:
We’re always excited about responding to player feedback and making Space Punks an ever-more awesome experience, and this latest update is the most important part of our Early Access journey so far. Paving the way for even better changes to come, these improvements are exciting additions, and we’re really seeing how incremental community-driven changes combine to make a huge and positive impact on Space Punks.

The core game loop overhaul will continue in the next update, which is just around the next mineral-rich comet and to the left of that gas giant with the robot-infested planetary system.

Full patch notes regarding The Core One update are available here.