So why is Flying Wild Hog called Flying Wild Hog?

January 22nd 2021

So why is Flying Wild Hog called Flying Wild Hog?

Each name has a meaning and a story. Here’s ours.

One of the most common questions that we get asked is “Why did you call yourself Flying Wild Hog?“. Well, it’s a story that’s as old as time itself (not really, we’re just building up drama here). So gather around, and let Uncle Hog tell you a story. A story on why we are called Flying Wild Hog.

It all started back in 2009. For all of you young ones here, those were much simpler times. It was the year in which FarmVille took over our Facebook feeds, the movie Avatar hit the movie screens, and Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift during her VMA speech (I told you it was a simple time). It was also the year that our co-founders were scheming to start their brand-spanking-new studio. Now, boys and girls as you may or may not know before you start your studio, you need to find a cool name for it. That’s the most important thing! Not financing, planning, strategy, or budgeting – that’s for all those business eggheads in suits to figure out. For Uncle Hog and the rest of the team, the name came first. Ahhh, and I forgot to mention one other thing about 2009. Back then, World of Warcraft, or WoW for short, ruled the online networks. And our founding fathers were really, really, really into it. If you ever played it, you might’ve heard of the Wild Hog of Orgrimmar. Yep, that’s how much they loved that game.

“Ok, Uncle Hog, so we have the Wild Hog part settled – what about the Flying part?!? Well, that’s a good question! This one is a bit more tricky to explain. What you’ll need to do is get into the mind frame of a Polish person. So grab your gherkin (that doesn’t sound good) and pop some pierogies on the plate! We’re going in deep into the darkest recesses of a Polish person’s mind. And now, I’ll let you in on a little secret. We Polish people, we love to fly! To us, flying means freedom. Freedom from oppression. Freedom to make our own choices. Freedom means independence. And we, we wanted to be free, independent Flying Hogs. But as we met more of you from all these different places all over our beautiful globe, we realized that we are not the only ones that love to be sky-high. And we love that. So all of you that love to fly high, welcome to our extended Flying Wild Hog family.

Until next time,

Your favorite, free as a bird Flying Wild Hog team

P.S. This is the Flying Hog company symbol and mascot, loved by all: