Shadow Warrior 3 voice cast announcement

January 31st 2022

Gather round and meet the.. or should I say HEAR the voice behind those beautiful virtual faces!


Listen up folks get it? cuz it’s the voice cast and their voices never mind, I digress.

It’s high time we tell you, who’s who when it comes to lending their vocal cords in Shadow Warrior 3!

Voicing our loveable goofball, the beast of the east, the Caravaggio of dissecting monsters, Lo Wang, in case you didn’t get it, we bring you Mike Moh!

Then we got Motoko, the last remaining sorceress of the Kumo Brotherhood, who’s being voiced by Andromeda Dunker!

Last but not least, we got Zilla City’s mayor, Orochi Zilla, being voiced by Sungwon Cho!

How you like them ensemble, huh?

You’ll be hearing more of these amazing peeps IN THE GAME!