Happy Holidays!

December 22nd 2021

<wakes up>
<glances at calendar>

That’s right folks, we’re reaching the most wonderful time of the year. A time, when we put aside all of our unaccomplished game achievements, bury our co-op-induced grudges, and embrace all the positive and giggly things around us.

We realize that 2021 has been, frankly speaking, utterly awful, so we really hope, that all you dearest Buckeroos, find a lot of peace and love during this Holiday Season

You guys have been extremely supportive over the last year and we cannot express enough our gratitude for all the love and support that you’ve shown for us and all our upcoming games. We feel truly blessed to have such fans backing us, your words of kindness and encouragement push us forward.

Now, if there was only a way to show both appreciation and make you guys giggly in a winter holiday fashion…


<clears throat>


The year will be over before you even know it

You’re happy just like Last Christmas, go ahead and show it

From Lo Wang, Hiroki, the Space Punks, and Jesse

Here are our holiday wishes and the New Year blessing!


Now on a more serious note, we wish you all nothing but peace and joy during this Winter Holiday. May you all get to spend the most beautiful time with the ones you care for. We wish you all a safe and warm Holiday Season with your family and close!

Take care Buckeroos, have a great one!