April 1st 2022

Guess what’s up!?
Flying Wild Hog’s 13th B-day
That’s what’s up!


Flying Wild Hog has had another great year in its 13-year journey. Honestly, we have no idea when all that time passed. It has been 13 years, but we still remember those crazy moments when we decided to create our own studio with its unusual name. And our birth date, the 1st of April, seemed like an accident initially, but maybe that is why humor has always been an essential part of our DNA.

We had never imagined that we would grow to have three studios, over 300 Hogs on board, and so many plans for the future. This dream just seemed too big then. And now, it’s a reality. 

This occasion obviously calls for a celebration and we felt more than compelled to commemorate this date with a bang! We asked ourselves a question, how can we adequately show our love for the studio?

So after seriously pondering upon our pondering orb, we planned and executed the following!

We organized The Birthday Gala where we paid tribute to the Studio and all of our games that have been and are to be released!

On top of that, we organized our annual HOGscars which incidentally, always take place during Flying Wild Hogs Birthday in which we gave out a beautiful, bronze figurine to one of our dear Hogs, Paweł Kowalewski, who is celebrating his 10th anniversary here at our Studio! Congratz Paweł on your full decade, you’re the best, luv yaaaaaaa <3

We also took it upon ourselves to organize a B-Day quiz – the ultimate crucible of Hog Wisdom!

The prizes were exquisite but one of the prizes stood out. The person who turned out to be the most knowledgeable about our games and studio besides getting a PS5 was also given the chance to donate 10 000 PLN to a charity that provides humanitarian relief for those impacted by Russia’s atrocious invasion of Ukraine. We believe it’s imperative that we show solidarity with those suffering and being passive is definitely not our style.

We here at Flying Wild Hog believe that it’s the people, Hogs, that constitute what our studio is really about. So the celebration would be a bit lacking if we didn’ get our amazing team a worthy B-day Gift. We decided to get each of our Dearly Beloved a very special box in which there are 4 amazing, custom-made, and hand-painted figurines, each corresponding to one of our projects.

One last thing, we just wanted to let you guys know, that we wouldn’t be celebrating Flying Wild Hog’s 13th Birthday if it weren’t for you guys, the fans. We would like to THANK Y’ALL  for all the support, kind words, and appreciation you’ve shown. You’re all amazing and we’re immensely grateful for everything!