April 1st 2023





In 2009, we were a bunch of friends, people who shared a passion for making games. Nothing more than a small garage start-up that aimed for the stars. Our resources were limited we already knew back then that our passion and love for making games would turn our studio into something big. We simply didn’t realize how big!

14 years, 10 games, and over 300 HOGs later, here we are, one of the biggest studios in Europe and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! We may have grown, moved to bigger offices, and opened up 2 more studios in Rzeszow and Cracow but one thing hasn’t changed one bit – who we are. We will always be a bunch of WILD HOGS that simply can’t resist making action-packed games, it’s our jam and we never want to change that. We’ll keep growing and evolving but you can bet Yo ASS that we’ll always stay true to ourselves! The Flying Wild Hog you guys know is here to stay.

Just to be clear, the journey wasn’t all smooth sails. Actually, throughout these 14 years or 10 games, we made tons of mistakes. It was a rough and, at times, bumpy road, but BOY OH BOY, has it paid off! We turned all the obstacles and mishaps into priceless learning opportunities. We managed to pull off everything we set out minds to and now we’re stronger than ever! 

What you’re about to see below is a true testament to how much we’ve achieved as a studio!

None of what we’ve mentioned would’ve been possible without our dear HOGs. We like to thank our team for making this possible, take this moment to show our immense gratitude for all that they’ve done for this studio. Their passion, commitment, and dedication to making games are what caused this studio to thrive and grow. It’s an extreme honor to work with each and every single one of our team members.

However, since we’re giving credit where it’s due, we also have one more very important shout-out! We would be nothing if it weren’t for one group of very special peeps. It’s you we’re talking about – the Fans!

We just wanted to let you guys know, that we wouldn’t be celebrating Flying Wild Hog’s 14th Birthday if it weren’t for you, the fans. We would like to THANK Y’ALL for all the support, kind words, and appreciation you’ve shown. You’re all fantastic and we’re immensely grateful for everything!

Oh wait, that’s not all!

Here’s a poem to celebrate this AWESOME OCCASION!

14 years have passed since the start

A game dev studio with a heart

Creating worlds and stories bold

With each new game, a tale is told


From humble beginnings, we grew

Our passion, drive, we imbue

Into every line of code and art

Our creations always play a part


A team of skilled and talented minds

Working tirelessly, to design

A new experience for gamers to find

Our dedication, always refined


As we turn 14, we reflect

On the challenges, we did not expect

But we overcame, and we grew

Our love for games is forever true


Here’s to the next 14 years and more

Of creating games that everyone will adore

To this game dev studio, we say

Happy birthday, Flying Wild Hog, have a great day!