HOGS: The Reunion

August 17th 2021

People, may I have your attention.
This is serious.

We did it. We actually pulled it off.
We managed to organize, not 1, not 2 but 3 Summer Parties…simultaneously, and all of them, the HOG reunions that is, were equally insane (cue Friends intro theme).

Warsaw team

Rzeszow team

Cracow team


That’s right, we managed to pull off this feat, despite all odds, despite Covid-19 incessantly meddling with our affairs. Obviously, one of the main reasons we decided to have 3 parties was to keep the virus in check. That way, we could make sure that venues were spacious enough to maintain adequate distance and keep everyone safe.

Also, because of our emotional co-dependency, we had virtual walls set up at each location so we could get a glimpse of how each of the other parties went down.

The reason why these events were so important to us, is because, not only have we been working remotely since March 2020, but we also managed to hire nearly another 150 HOG-o-nauts and announce 4 projects (Shadow Warrior 3, Evil West, Trek to Yomi, and Space Punks), all within less than 18 months. I mean, that’s huge.

Besides, we’re a very social bunch, we like getting into tête-à-têtes, meddling with each over, bragging about our achievements, and whatnot, ergo this was the perfect occasion to do so. We don’t see scale, we celebrate achievements regardless of their size – this is in our DNA.

It was truly cleansing to see all those gleaming faces, filled with joy. Once again indulging in the lost art of socializing face-to-face without the imminent sense of looming threat.

I mean, we had pinballs, retro arcades, photobooths, consoles, DJs, you name it we brought it. We’ll do anything to keep our loveable bunch entertained.

By the way, it goes without saying that we couldn’t have done this without our peeps. Sending out love to all our tribespeople. Thank you for showing up and making this a very special event.

I mean, we don’t mean to brag but this is pretty nuts, but then again, we do put the hog in mahogany. We like to keep it classy.

Also, it should go without mentioning but I’ll say it anyway.
You guys stay safe, ok?