Flying Wild Hog Games Roster

August 4th 2021

The Flying Wild Hog full roster of upcoming games revealed!

A word from our most distinguished member of Flying Wild Hog, Sir Aviary Porker. A once-in-a-lifetime moment registered on the pages of history.

Hello, dear members of the Flying Wild Hog club. As you may have picked up over the last few weeks, we have now revealed our full game roster. Those unannounced mysterious projects that we teased? Well, they are all there for you to see. But just in case you haven’t seen them, or that this post is the first time you are in contact with us (welcome aboard by the way. Nice to meet you. Please, take a seat right here), here are all of our projects, in one place.

It all started in 2011 with Hard Reset. That was the start of our Flying Wild Hog DNA. Two years later, Shadow Warrior came on the scene. Our wise-cracking son Lo Wang made a triumphant return in 2016 with Shadow Warrior 2. And finally, we welcomed the decade of the 2020’s with the Devolver Land Expo. Those are games and names that are now etched into the pages of history. Our DNA has been evolving.

For those of you who are with us for the first time, let me first introduce you to Flying Wild Hog. Our studio is a band of distinguished ladies and gentlemen who are great appreciators of the fine art of action, explosions, and anything that goes boom! smack!!, yeeha! and other action adjectives and verbs. Their passion for that perfect nose-bleed-inducing action sequence is famous worldwide. Shadow Warrior, and Hard Reset, are games etched into history. And now we welcome four new games to the pantheon of greatness!

The crowd is going nuts. You can feel the temperature rising in the room.

First up, we have our in-house classic – Shadow Warrior 3. This time, our hero Lo Wang will need to partner up with his biggest nemesis Zilla and fight one of the biggest and meanest dragons you will ever see. Sounds intense? Well, that’s because it is.

Next, we have Evil West. A vampire-sleighing, shotgun-blazing romp through the Wild West. Welcome to your new frontier – of explosive action. Evil never sleeps but it bleeds.

The crowd is now approaching a fever point.

Now, here is something a little bit different, but with that Flying Wild Hog flavor. Trek to Yomi is our emotional revenge roller coaster mixed with samurai ethos – and violence.

And last, but not least, Space Punks. This cosmo-action gun-blast-o-rama is all that you and three of your friends need to conquer space. The best part – is it’s available on Early Access right now.

Dear club members, that is all from me for today. Let the games speak for themselves!

Until next time, when we meet again.