Fat Thursday 2021

February 11th 2021

Fat Thursday – the one day a year where eating six doughnuts in a row is socially acceptable

With Fat Thursday now in full swing, your Flying Wild Hog insider is giving you the sweet scoop on what’s going down at the office.

Poland, 2021. The year starts with a cold snow blizzard the size of which we haven’t seen since the last major snow blizzard. The whole country is covered in white. Kids across the nation – are ecstatic. People making snowmen are having a blast. Motorists across Poland, once again, were surprised (it’s a Polish joke. Trust me, it’s hilarious if you’re Polish). With the warmth now melting the snow away and lockdown still being a thing, you might think that there’s nothing else that a nation of nearly 40 million people could be looking forward to. Don’t be fooled. February 11th is here. The day that every non-diabetic has been waiting for and every diabetic fear. Tłusty Czwartek, or Fat Thursday is on. The day where we all eat paczki (Polish doughnuts) like freakin crazy.

Back in the non-pandemic days, we would all wait in the morning for the delivery person to bring a whole stack of boxes filled with doughnuts to the office. And I mean stacks. We would all eat them like calories aren’t a thing. We ate once in the morning and ate another one right after the first one. Then we would eat one in the afternoon, eat one more for dinner, and perhaps if you dare, have another one in the evening because the day is about to end, and you know, you can’t stop now because you can’t eat doughnuts every day. So you might as well smash 6 today instead. It’s healthier that way.

With home office now a thing, we wouldn’t let a pandemic stop us from eating doughnuts all day at work. Oh no! In fact, we had a plan.

Our corporation reached out to a bakery chain in Poland and organized one heck of a scheme. A day before Fat Thursday (can’t wait for it Wednesday?) they sent out a secret code to all of our employees. And that code unlocked one of the best goodies ever. If you showed up at one of the bakeries and whispered the secret code into the employee’s ear, you would get 6 free paczki, on the house! As a side note, that secret code, if it got out to the public, it could’ve been the biggest leak in gamedev history. But we’re good at keeping secrets – like the two projects that we still haven’t revealed! See, told you we are good.

Anyway, the day is about to end. The paczkis aren’t going to eat themselves. I still have one more to squeeze in before the sun goes down. It’s a race against time, and I’m not planning on losing this one!

Until next time,
Your Flying Wild Hog insider