December 1st 2022


Don’t you JUST F%$KING HATE bugs and glitches?! So do we, even more than Jesse hates vampire’s gut!

Our incessant work on patching and fixing Evil West is coming to fruition! Lots of changes and fixes have been implemented. Ranging from adding an adjustable FOV, toggling the camera shake, being able to restart missions, and many more! The first update of  Evil West is now live on PC! The update will hit consoles a bit later, apologies for the delay!

Wanna find out more?!

Just scroll down to read all about the patch notes!

FEATURE: You can now toggle the Camera Shake in the Game options.
FEATURE: You can now restart the current mission from the Lore menu’s Missions section.

[PC] FEATURE: You can now change the sprint action on the keyboard to a toggle instead of hold-to-sprint.
[PC] FEATURE: The arrow cursor keys are not hard bound to the camera movement anymore.
[PC] FEATURE: Added the Exit button in the EULA screen upon the first launch of the game.
[PC] FEATURE: You can now adjust the FOV (Field of View) angle in the options menu, which is especially useful if you own an ultrawide monitor.
[XBOX] BUGFIX: The directional button layout no longer changes when you switch the game session between two different versions of consoles.

BLOCKER: The player is no longer blocked while replaying the Remote RI Outpost mission.
BLOCKER: The player can’t get blocked anymore while destroying the glamour seals in the Smoke and Mirrors mission.
BLOCKER: The player won’t get blocked inside the Man of People mission while destroying the monster nests. Note: the mission needs to be restarted from the Lore menu for this fix to work.
BUGFIX: Fixed the analog sticks’ player movement not working on some controllers.
BUGFIX: Fixed a combat sound staying active after the enemy’s death for one of the large enemies.
BUGFIX: Fixed the player being able to throw the enemy out of the arena in The Questionable Cargo mission.
BUGFIX: Fixed the cases where starting or loading the mission could take too long and the screen would never fade out from the black.
BUGFIX: Fixed some of the large enemies’ HP pools being wrong if the player switches difficulty mid-encounter.
BUGFIX: Fixed the player being able to shoot Revolver even on cooldown when combined with swapping from the Scorcher.
BUGFIX: Fixed one of the traversal interactions being active during the encounter in the Where Oil Tastes Like Blood mission.
BUGFIX: Fixed the player animation stuttering while using the Rifle close to the enemy.
BUGFIX: Fixed the Crippling Rod not always working properly against the Highborn enemy ranged attacks.

[COOP] BUGFIX: Fixed the players being able to get soft-locked if they both died during the tutorial in The First Spark mission.

This ain’t the last you’ve heard from us!