December 21st 2022



ITS 2ND PATCH – 1.0.5


As promised, we’re hard at work making sure to ensure that the Evil West experience is as smooth and flawless as possible.

This patch also brings a lot of fixes, and glitches, but NOT ONLY!

This week’s patch includes brand-new skin! It’s called the Invincible set and it’s only for the most perseverant of gamers – you unlock it only after completing the entire game in True Death mode after it’s been updated!! Good luck out there!


Wanna find out more? Be sure to scroll down!


COSMETICS: Added a new stylish coat, hat, and scarf, called the Invincible set. It’s rewarded for the players who complete the entire game in True Death mode. Please note that in order to get the Invincible set, you need to complete a True Death playthrough after updating the game.

FEATURE: While sporting the Invincible set of clothes, the player regains a small amount of HP with every Gauntlet damage dealt to the enemies. This feature works even with only one piece of clothing equipped but scales up with the remaining ones.


BLOCKER: Fixed a potential loss of entire game progress related to the True Death mode being accidentally turned on at the start of the NewGame+.

BLOCKER: Fixed the infinite loading screen (a.k.a. infinite fade-from-black) glitch.

BLOCKER: Fixed a possible Glamour related soft-lock while reloading the miniboss checkpoint in the Smoke & Mirrors mission.

BLOCKER: Fixed the progression soft-lock if the player died and moved to the previous arena after respawning in The First Spark mission.


[COOP] BLOCKER: Fixed a conditional blocker when both players die during the tutorial in certain points of the game.

[COOP] BLOCKER: Fixed a conditional blocker in The Heist mission where one player died to a Gatling enemy.

[COOP] BLOCKER: Fixed a conditional blocker, when two players used the traversal interactions before the waterfall section of the Devil’s Pass mission.

[COOP] BUGFIX: Tweaked the revive interaction, so that neither dodging nor damage can interrupt it in the heat of battle.


BUGFIX: Fixed the bug causing the player and/or enemies to fall underneath the level after using the Touchdown perk.

BUGFIX: Fixed a couple of instances where the player could get permanently stuck inside the ground.

BUGFIX: Fixed an exploit allowing the players to continue the True Death mode playthrough even after death.

BUGFIX: Fixed the Sticky Sticks upgrade causing occasional performance and stability issues.

BUGFIX: Fixed multiple places where the player could get stuck in the ground while using the Zapper skills.

BUGFIX: Fixed the instances where enemies could stop respawning in some encounters of the Where Oil Smells Like Blood mission.

BUGFIX: Fixed a couple of situations where the Scorcher hose was constantly flashing while using the weapon.

BUGFIX: Fixed some of the secret chest collectibles not being properly saved while replaying the mission from the Lore menu, effectively locking some players out of the Chest Nuts achievement/trophy.

BUGFIX: Fixed the enemy weak spots not reacting to the Rifle shots with Railgun upgrade activated.

BUGFIX: Fixed the possible Railgun upgrade charging VFX desynchronization caused by specific actions chaining.

BUGFIX: Fixed the possible occlusion of breakable debris blocking the shooting targets in the cart ride sequence of the Remote RI Outpost mission.

BUGFIX: Fixed a controller stick not working properly if the player has two controllers plugged into the PC.


[XBOX] BUGFIX: Fixed the players not being able to stream the game online straight from the console.


That’s all for now folks! Enjoy!