Senior Product Manager

Cracow, Poland

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Flying Wild Hog Cracow is currently working on an independent project which is a multiplayer action RPG set in a sci-fi universe.

About the position

As a Senior Online Product Manager, you will deliver on goals for the business growth of a game, by channeling your strong product mindset to ensure you find a good balance between delivering fantastic player experiences and maximizing the revenue potential. You should be an excellent team player who knows how to positively influence cross-functional teams to implement features that will ultimately make our games successful in the market and add to a long-term community experience.


  • Become the driving force of incremental growth through key KPI areas. Deploying your effort where it can have the most impact is a key focus.
  • Partner with stakeholders to create product strategies and content roadmap to increase the longevity of this product and reach milestones and KPI targets.
  • Build up and maintain a strong and prolific partnership with the external publisher teams.
  • Take ownership of the KPI growth, live ops events, and monetization, as well as participate in setting short- and long-term financial targets and business forecasts for the game
  • Partner with the Community Management team to communicate with the players to understand qualitative feedback
  • Partner with Analysts and Design teams to support the data-driven design of the game
  • Inform and advise Marketing teams on all-important product highlights, opportunities, timelines, and events
  • Communication and collaboration with DevOps, QA, and Localization
  • Assist in ensuring adherence to content implementation roadmap, monitor production budgets, schedules, and deadlines for product-related materials
  • Facilitate team communication and ensure timely dissemination of information
  • Review, evaluate, and give feedback on game design and feature implementation
  • Review and evaluate competitive products
  • Design and execute processes to ensure stakeholders are informed and coordinated about operational issues in the live product environments
  • Drive improvement of these processes to continually increase the quality of the game’s live operations
  • Provide regular reports and progress updates to all stakeholders
  • Partner with leadership to help set operational project goals and business objectives and help ensure they are achieved
  • As the first Online Product Manager on the team, you help define a framework as well as help set guidelines for future games to come


  • 5+ years in a leading product role supporting and running live ops on a F2P multiplayer game
  • Several years of experience in mastering KPI-driven game operations with a focus on retention & community growth, monetization, and product longevity.
  • Interdisciplinary work ethic to work bring together and understand all required parties and departments.
  • Be competent and knowledgeable about all aspects of game development and live operations – additionally, be able to “jump” and support game design, producing, and product analysis
  • Excellent skill in dealing with external development studios and maintaining a long-lasting and trustful relationship with a developer team
  • Great understanding of reading and processing game analytics and creating reports for stakeholders and teams
  • Proven experience managing schedules and positively influencing others to achieve desired results
  • A very strong team player, commitment to personal and peer development, and sharing best practices
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
  • A passion for creating, running and playing video games

Bonus Requirements:

  • Multi-year experience managing/running multiplayer online games
  • Entrepreneurial attitude in helping to build product awareness within the team.

Our offer:

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