Shadow Warrior

Shadow Warrior Reviews

10-10-2013 13:50:00
Shadow Warrior is getting really good reviews! IGN and Destructoid gave us excellent notes!

Shadow Warriors preorders!

29-08-2013 18:37:00
You can now preorder our newest and hotest game.

Shadow Warrior Previews (II)

26-08-2013 18:25:00
More previews of Shadow Warrior and more Lo Wang's katana madness!

Shadow Warrior Previews

16-08-2013 12:59:00
First previews of Shadow Warrior started to show up on the internet and it seems that everybody loves to chop off heads with our katana!

Shadow Warrior on E3 (II)

15-06-2013 10:50:00

Here's some more materials from E3. Watch videos from Game SpotGame TrailersMachinima and Rev3Games or read more on JoystiqPixel Judge and Games Radar

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